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    Quatrophil Pinot/Burgundy Wine Glass 25oz Set of 4 

    These oversized, high-performance bowls allow the wine to aerate and disperse its aroma perfectly. Tall, elegant and chic, these vessels will dramatically enhance your wine tasting experience. These non-lead crystal stems also represent an outstanding value, in many cases costing 40-50% less than some competitive products.


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    Are you looking for a wine glass that can hold a lot of your favorite wine? Then you need the Quatrophil Pinot/Burgundy Wine Glass 25 oz. This wine glass can hold up to 25 ounces of your favorite red or white wine. The wide bowl of the glass allows the aromas of the wine to develop, while the long stem keeps your hand from warming up the wine. The Quatrophil Pinot/Burgundy Wine Glass is made from lead-free crystal, so you can enjoy your wine without worrying about any harmful chemicals.


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